Pink Tiki Cocktail Recipe


Pink Tiki Cocktail Recipe

Pink Tiki Cocktail Recipe
1 oz. Grey Goose

.5 oz. Cointreau

Fresh Lemon

Pinch of Sugar

Dash Strawberry Puree

Splash of 7up

Fill shaker tin with ice then pour Grey Goose and Cointreau in it. Dash of strawberry
puree, Squeeze fresh lemon and add pinch of sugar and shake. Strain into sugar rim
martini glass then fill with splash of 7up.

The Pink Flirtini is a cocktail which is traditionally made with champagne. In 2000, this pink and
bubbly drink was created at Guastavino’s in New York City, where HBO held the season
premiere of its hit series Sex and the City. The star of the show, Sarah Jessica
Parker, requested a drink that was “pink and fun”. The bartender quickly created
this martini-like drink, which Parker dubbed the “Pink Flirtini”. The drink has
been featured on the show, and is a hit with fans who gather for viewing parties
of Sex and the City. Making Pink Flirtinis is easy, and they will be a hit at your
next party.

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