Planning Your Pink Theme Wedding


Planning Your Pink Theme Wedding

Pink Theme Wedding

It is no secret that majority of women in the world favor the pink color over all other alternatives. To some extent, it is also due to the reason that young girls are presented with pink toys, gifts and other items as soon as they begin to walk on earth! If you are planning to incorporate this color into your wedding, you need not worry about ideas for a pink theme wedding. From pink drinks and dresses to pink flowers and cakes, you can find almost everything you can think of for your pink wedding.

Create a perfect blend – do not overdo!

Before you start choosing ideas for a pink theme wedding, it is important to understand that the fundamental goal of a theme celebration is to stand out in the minds of all guests and not to win a ‘pink all’ competition. Therefore, you need to create a perfect blend of different colors with pink cocktails, dresses, cakes, flowers and other items at the wedding venue. For example, it is no doubt a great idea to serve pink drinks such as vodka or wine to your guests in your wedding function but using pink glasses or bottles to do that can just make it look bland!

Pink Wedding Drinks

Create a great pink color scheme!

Many girls tend to think that a pink theme wedding can have just one color scheme! In reality, there are a large number of different color schemes available for everyone! You can choose pink and green, pink and yellow or pink and sky blue for your wedding. If you choose pink and sky blue, for example, you can have pink drinks served in sky blue colored glasses or use the color blue in some other way like on the guys. There are absolutely no standard rules applicable to color wedding celebrations. So, you can let your imagination take over, modify ideas available on the internet and create a unique color scheme.

Find a unique pink wedding dress

Brides generally dream of pure white wedding dresses. However, not all girls have the same dream! If you are in a mood to wear a light pink wedding dress, you need to know that you’re not alone to feel that way! Many girls choose light pink over pure white or other colors for seasonal or color theme weddings. Since it’s a pink theme wedding, it just makes sense to look around on the internet for some great pink wedding dresses!

Choose pink bridesmaid dresses

It isn’t easy to finalize your choices even when you’ve just one color on your mind! It’s fun to browse through different shades of pink when shopping for pink bridesmaid dresses, for example. While someone in love with elegant dressing styles or sophisticated settings can go for light colored bridesmaid dresses, others can go for more vibrant shades!

There are a multitude of possibilities that you can explore for your pink color scheme wedding. Just make sure that you do not forget to order some pink drinks, cakes and flowers in advance!


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